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The Historial in Péronne, Museum of the Great War


This museum situated in the old medieval castle helps visitors to understand the history of the First World War. 70 000 objects exposed in four languages  explain the German, French and British visions and show how the lives of soldiers and civilians were disrupted by war.

Museum Somme 1916 in Albert


Located in a large fortified underground tunnel  this Museum traces the lives of soldiers in the trenches during the Franco / British offensive during the First World War.

Alfred Danicourt Museum of Péronne


Since 1877 located in the Town Hall of Péronne, the Alfred-Danicourt Municipal Museum guarantees the conservation and enhancement of local heritage. Its important collections have survived  several centuries. Free entry.

Website of the museum

Park of the Porte de Bretagne/ Britanny Gate


The Britanny Gate overlooks a park with remains of the walls of Péronne. They are reflected in the water that once completely surrounded the city. Damaged during the First World War, the gate of Brittany and its pavilions have been classified as historical monuments.



The Castle & the Medieval Age


King Philippe Auguste ordered  in 1209 the construction of the castle of Péronne. Previously the old city of Péronne  was developed around the old fortress built by the Merovingians and was later modernized. It was in this castle in 1468 that Charles the Bold had imprisoned  Louis XI, King of France. Only the south-west front of the old castle still remains today ...


As border town between France and Spanish Flanders for centuries, Péronne was entirely fortified until the beginning of the 20th century. Free access to the medieval part of the site.


In the town hall of Péronne you find the Alfred Danicourt municipal museum with its  fine collections in antique numismatics, glyptics and goldsmithery (free entry).

The Town Hall of Péronne 


Built in 1509, this Renaissance-style building represents a martyr monument as well as  the  Church Saint Jean Baptiste. It was damaged and destroyed many times during the battles strucking the city. This building includes the old Town Hall (Louis XVI facade rue Saint Sauveur) and the former baillages hall (building on the Place Louis Daudré). On the first floor of the Hôtel de Ville, you can discover the Alfred Danicourt Museum of great archaeological interest.

Website of the Town Hall

Church Saint Jean-Baptiste of Péronne


This religious building was consecrated in 1525. Before 1789 six churches were located in Péronne.  The Church Saint Jean -Baptiste is the only one that remains today.


The Hardines


Located at the confluence of the Somme and Cologne, the city of Péronne is dotted with natural ponds and vegetable gardens called "Hardines". Water is omnipresent and has had a major role in defending the city. You  find the hardines behind the Britanny Gate with its ramparts and along the Boulevard des Anglais.


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